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Hello! I'm Hannah

I'm your typical messy bun & legging wearing mama who just so happens to be a pretty good photographer too.

Art has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up in a creative household where thinking outside the box and seeing the beauty in all things was strongly encouraged. I earned my BA degree in 2012. Going into college I wanted to be graphic designer but an impromptu photo session with a friend during freshman year made me realize that photography was way more than a hobby for me. I fell deeply in love with photographing people and have been striving to create beautiful images ever since.

We are an Air Force family so travel is a big part of our life.  My husband and I were both born & raised in Upstate NY, we lived just outside of DC for a short time after getting married, spent 3 years in Ohio, and now live in Ocean Springs, Mississippi! I am incredibly thankful and grateful to have an amazing husband who loves his job and works hard to provide for our family so that I can do what I love— being a photographer & raising our sweet little redhead, Ellie. We are also parents to two beagle-mix pups as well as a crazy but lovable cat. (So yes, your furry friends are ALWAYS welcome to your session with me)!

Summer 2018 Maternity Leave

The Lamson family is growing!!! Baby #2 is almost here. August 2nd 2018 is my due date and I'm starting to waddle you guys. SO with that said, I will no longer be booking any more sessions this summer. My goal resume back up in the fall - starting sometime end of September/early October!

Y'all are welcome to book a fall session with me at any time + I will definitely be doing Fall Mini Sessions again!!! More details on those will come later on!

Thank you all for being so supportive - I have the best job ever because of your amazing families. I will miss you all dearly the rest of this summer but I'll be sure to keep you updated with some sweet baby pics on my facebook page!!

H.K. Photo | Ocean Springs Wedding Photography

I like to keep things simple, natural, real.  I'm all about candid moments, the love, the laughter, and the little things that make you, you! My goal is to create gorgeous, timeless photos that tell your story. Whether it is your engagement, your wedding day, your baby's first steps, or your beautiful family, it is my privilege to capture the wonderful moments that life has to offer!

Contact Me

Please contact me if you are interested in setting up a shoot and/or with any questions you may have. Just click here to get things started! I look forward to hearing from you!



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Hannah Kaye Photography is a Mississippi Gulf Coast wedding photographer based in Ocean Springs, MS offering wedding photography in the Ocean Springs & Gulf Coast area, as well as destinations across the country.

Hannah Kaye Photography is a home-based studio. Please email hannahkayephotography@gmail.com for more information!