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Tips for an Enjoyable and Unforgetable Engagement Session | Biloxi Engagement & Wedding Photography

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Engagement sessions are the best!  I absolutely love them because they are always different and unique to each couple.  They show off your personalities, your style, and quite simply your love for each other.  Aside from an engagement party, these photos are typically the first start to your official wedding festivities after “she said yes”-- so enjoy it to the fullest!  Here are a few helpful tips for making the most of your engagement session:


This is so incredibly important for any photo session.  Just have fun with it!  Sure, wedding planning can seem stressful at times, but it all goes by so quickly you should simply enjoy yourselves every step of the process (especially during your engagement pics)!  Goof around with each other, dance it out, whisper in each other’s ears, crack a joke, ladies--jump onto his back, guys--pick her up and spin her around, LAUGH!  I strive to capture natural moments not stiff cheesy poses.  I’ll get you started in a basic position but don’t be afraid to move a little on your own!  Yes, there will be times that I’ll ask you to do something a specific way, but if you can relax into that pose it will look way more natural.  Don’t be afraid of doing something that doesn’t work.  If you do, I’ll just tell you to put it back the way you had it or try something different-- it’s no big deal and as I said before, just have FUN!


It’s totally normal to be anxious or nervous for your photos, but it’s important to not let that feeling take over.  Just keep in mind-- you can’t mess it up!  This is most likely our first time working together so the first few minutes are just as much a warm-up for me as it is for you!  I’m learning what makes you guys comfortable, what makes you click, and what makes you look good, and you’re learning how I work.  About 10 minutes in, any hesitations you may have initially had should start to fade.  And fella’s this tip is especially important for you-- Don’t worry about what your friends are “going to say.” You’re about to marry the woman of your dreams (so show her some lovin’)!  I guarantee that you will look way worse if you try to play it “cool” and don’t want to crack a smile.  Again, you cant mess up and I pinky-swear I will make it as painless as possible!  Many guys actually admit that it wasn’t so bad or that they even had a good time once the session is over… so keep an open mind!  


It’s no secret that when you look good, you feel good.  I like to have several different looks mixed into an engagement session for a couple reasons… It not only adds variety to your photos, but most people don’t typically dress to the nines on a day-to-day basis.  Start with a more casual look (I’m talking jeans and a nice top, sundresses for the ladies, plaid and cowboy boots, etc.).  This allows you to feel good yet comfortable at the start of the session when we are both warming up to the shoot! By the time we are ready for an outfit change, you guys will be loosened up and ready to step things up a notch in the wardrobe department.  When you dress up for a night on the town you tend to stand a little straighter, walk with some swagger, check yourself out in any reflection you can find… you immediately have more confidence. Wear something that makes you feel HOT and you will without a doubt see that confidence and attitude shine in your images.  With the variety in outfits you are able to explore and show off the different sides of you!


This should be pretty easy-- I mean, you are getting married right?!  I understand that some people are more private with their affections than others. My husband for instance was not interested in having a bunch of “kissy” photos during our engagement session, which is totally fine! One of the first things I always ask my couples is how comfortable they are with that and then we go from there.  Being “lovey-dovey” goes way beyond kissing anyways (and let’s be real, you can do a few small kisses without it becoming a make out session).  Hugging, holding hands, looking each other in the eye, touching foreheads or noses, and simply laughing together are all beautiful ways of showing affection!


Incorporate elements that have special meaning to you!  Photos are naturally sentimental, but when you take it a step further and think outside of the box, they become even more unique and special to you!  Your engagement ring is a given, but what about other jewelry from your fiancé, parents, or a grandparent?  Does the groom-to-be have a signature look-- bowties or an awesome pair of shoes?  The couple above had matching jerseys with their last name on them back from Todd's soccer career!  The meaningful element could also be a location-- the place where you were engaged, or perhaps a favorite hang out spot.  We have up to 2 hours for our engagement session so we have time to travel around a bit if desired!  I also often get asked about dogs-- I LOVE dogs, they are always more than welcome to any HKPhoto session. Consider some hobbies that could be incorporated, or perhaps you are interested in doing a completely stylized shoot (which are always welcome and so much fun!).  There are so many wonderful options!!!



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