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Biloxi Wedding Photographer | A Helpful Wedding Photo Checklist

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If you are a bride or groom-to-be check this one out for sure!

As I was putzing around Pinterest (one of my favorite things to do) I came across this article about a list of photo ideas to give your photographer that is actually really helpful. 

Many websites provide photography checklists for brides and grooms to give their photographer which is great and all, but truth be told many of the items listed are basic common sense for a professional- the bride walking down the isle, the kiss, cake cutting, first dance, and basically any of the "big moments"... no worries, we have that under control, it's our job after all =] 

I make sure to discuss this with all of my brides and grooms as their big day approaches near, but I just loved the way this article summed everything up so I had to share- Enjoy!



The "I Do" Photographer Network Blog---  What Your Wedding Photographer Really needs to Know- A Real World Checklist. "How to Write a Checklist That's Actually Helpful for You & Your Wedding Photographer"


The List:

Family Formals

This is a place where it’s best not to assume your photographer is a mind reader. Each family and family situation is different. Some are blended, some have relatives who have passed on, some are traditional, and some are really non-traditional. Giving your photographer plenty of information here is helpful. You don’t have to get into all the family drama, but enough info to avoid land mines prevents uncomfortable situations during those formal pictures.

Likewise, each couple is different. You may want photos of each aunt, uncle and cousin, or you may not want any family formals at all, just candids. Make sure you and your photographer are on the same page here. That way you’re not suffering through more formals than you want to take, and/or you aren’t upset that something was missed later.

Provide your photographer with a complete list of all the family formals you would like taken. Listing not only the group name (John’s parents) but the names of the people involved in that shot (John, Mary and David) is also helpful. Once you’ve brainstormed through what photos you would like, organize that list so it makes logical sense. We often work from largest group to smallest group on each side, so that we’re not pulling people out of the cocktail hour later. Taking care of all these details with your photographer ahead of time will make your family formals much smoother and more efficient.

What is Unique About Your Event?

While there are certain things that are pretty standard from event to event, you may be incorporating things that are unique to you. If you spent hours folding 1,000 paper cranes for your centerpieces, or your dad baked the wedding cake, we need to know that. If you will be adding a ritual from your families’ culture, or a piece of jewelry that belonged to your great-great grandmother, we need to know that too. Remember, we don’t know all the inside jokes or stories-  we might need a pointer to capture these details.

Secrets and Surprises

If there is going to be a surprise for your wedding guests or your fiance, don’t keep it a surprise from your photographer too. If we know ahead of time that a surprise will occur, we can position ourselves in the best possible place to capture the event and the reactions. Even little things like a love note passed to your fiance while you both get ready separately can make for great, emotional images. Be sure and tell us which things are secrets and surprises so we don’t spill the beans.

The Schedule

Giving your photographer and other vendors a consistent, clear timeline of your day is helpful for everyone. It allows us to coordinate with your other vendors and creatively solve problems together if something goes wrong. We want to make sure we don’t upset the church by overstaying our welcome, and we want to be sure we’re in the reception hall when your toasts begin, not outside taking architectural or detail shots.

Be Realistic

Talk over your information, formals, and schedule with your photographer and other vendors. Make sure you’ve left enough time for all the formals and romantic shots you would like. Make sure you’ve left enough time for travel and any minor problems that might occur along the way. If you want to attempt a sunset picture, be sure you know when the sunset will be that day. Remember too that your photographer cannot change reality. If your brother refused to smile, or your cake fell over before the reception began, those pictures most likely wont be the ones you had in your head. Hire a photographer for her eye or his style, and allow them  room to work their particular magic. Hire a photographer you trust, and all those little imperfections will fall into a perfect, emotional record of your day as it really happened.

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