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Biloxi Wedding Photography | Wedding Photographer Pet Peeves

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Happy December 1st everyone!!! I found this article the other day and with wedding season right around the corner I thought I would share it with you all-- If you are a bride-to-be, definitely keep these things in mind, or if you are a photographer, I'm sure you can relate! Happy reading =]


The article was posted on Brides.com {{ http://www.brides.com/blogs/aisle-say/2014/11/things-that-annoy-wedding-photographers.html }} it discusses some wedding photographer "pet peeves" and I must say I agree with the listed items! Here it is:


Your wedding photographer is there to capture your special day and would literally jump through hoops to recreate the Pinterest shot of your dreams. But combine unrealistic expectations with a lack of insider knowledge and both bride and vendor alike can be left with a sour taste in their mouth post-wedding. Considering how important big-day shots are to a couple, we reached out to professional wedding photographers to get the lowdown on what annoys them.

1. "Not getting all the information ahead of time. For example, if you know that your mom and your step-mom can barely be in the same room together, your photographer needs to know this as well. We're not trying to pry, but if you don't let us in on what's happening with your VIP guests, we may ask people to stand next to each other that don't get along. Awkward." Kristin Griffin

2. "When guests raise their smartphones or tablets in the air to snap photos, it literally ruins the moment. It's disheartening to see that beautiful ceremony turn into a concert hall. It's completely dependent on the bride and groom whether or not they are bothered by this peeve, but I always advise my brides to be aware that it will disrupt the serenity of the photos they're depending on me to take for them. You can't really stop this frantic behavior or control people's urges to provide their own wedding coverage, but it wouldn't hurt to have the officiant of your ceremony make an announcement. You might want to include your request in the program too." Christian Oth

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3. "Small and dark getting ready rooms. When selecting a space where you will get dressed on your wedding day remember that many of your photos will be taken there, from the detail shots of your dress, shoes and invitations to putting on the gown and your bridal portraits. Find a space that reflects the feel of your wedding day with lots of light and room for great photos." KT Merry

4. "Sending a list of dozens of shots you want done in between your ceremony and reception, but not allowing enough time for them to be taken. Establish a realistic timeline, and work with your photographer, planner and/or venue professional to come up with the best schedule." Michelle Balducci-Connelly

5. "A lack of trust. By no means are we against a bride and groom showing us photo ideas that they like, at some point though there is a line crossed when a couple can become so focused on reproducing images from another wedding that it hinders creating their own unique images and telling their personal story. The best photos are always the ones where people are relaxed and real. A professional photographer should not only be good at using a camera and light, but leading their subjects into a since of rest and relaxation allowing for those real images." Billy Hyer




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