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Biloxi Wedding Photography | Wedding Tips | Organization, Inspiration, and DIY

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Hello Brides & Grooms-to-be!
Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, I know, I've been there.  I wanted to share the three things that I focused on while planning my wedding to help me remain stress free and happy: Organization, Inspiration, and DIY.
ORGANIZATION: It is the key to a stress-free wedding experience.  Wedding planners are great to help run the show, but if you either A. don't want to spend the money on a planner, or B. want to be in control of the wedding process, then there are plenty of sources online where you can find checklists for wedding planning. (Pinterest is probably the best website well, ever, in my opinion.  I will be referencing to it a fair amount for these tips).  Here is a link for some wedding checklists: http://www.pinterest.com/photooppbride/wedding-planning-checklists-for-brides/
Be sure to check out a variety of checklists, they all vary and will have different key points.  You don't need to do every step on every list, it's your wedding after all, do it how you want!  Pick and choose what is most important to you and compose your own unique wedding checklist.  I strongly suggest working at your checklist at a pace that is comfortable for you, but make sure you don't rush the process.  Take it one step at a time and do it in a consistent fashion.  This will help reduce stress and allow you to really think things through.
Finally, choose vendors that fit into your checklist.  Talk to them! Set up a meeting or call them on the phone so you can get a better sense of if they fit your personality and needs.  Having great vendors on your side will only make your wedding planning process easier.
INSPIRATION:  Now that you have your custom checklist made, it's time to get inspired.  Do you want to know the best way to get beautiful engagement and wedding photos? Yes a great photographer helps (if you haven't chosen one yet you're in the right place! Hint-hint, wink-wink, check out more of my blog/site =] )  Anyways, look at photos online and see what catches your eye. Save and compile all the ones you like best and share them with your photographer.  This will not only help the photographer understand what your interest and style is, but it will automatically guarantee that you will receive images you know you will love! It's a win-win situation.
There are endless opportunities as to where you can find such inspiration.  My favorite? Oh you guessed it- Pinterest! Love it. Check out my "Photo Inspiration" board to get some ideas!  https://www.pinterest.com/hannahkayephoto/
While you're there- feel free to look at by "Beauty and Style" board for hair, nail, and makeup ideas or even my "Simply Beautiful" board for floral inspiration!   ...Same concept applies here, share all inspiration images with your various vendors and you are sure to have a fabulous wedding =]
DIY:  Budget plays a huge role when it comes to wedding planning, but that does NOT mean a smaller budget equals a less beautiful wedding.  No sir, if you are willing to put in the time and effort, there are tons of things that you can do yourself in order to save a good chunk of change yet produce gorgeous outcomes.  The internet is a wonderful resource for DIY tips and ideas.  Google "DIY Weddings" and you will be there for hours searching through all the ideas. 
Think of how you can recycle and upgrade different materials to create beautiful centerpieces!  Into the natural, rustic feel? Use things from nature like in the picture above. Or for those of you who are into the "country-shabby-chic" look, it is so easy to save. You don't need to go out and buy mason jars or cans- just collect the one you already bought from pasta sauce, beans, salsa, etc. Once you empty the can just take the label off and clean it up! Done. Ask friends and family to do the same and before you know it you will have more jars and cans than you could ever imagine.
One final tip- this website: http://www.save-on-crafts.com/ ...I found this site just a few months after my wedding and was so upset I hadn't heard of it before! You can find pretty much everything here regarding wedding decor and the prices are amazing. I will warn you however that there is a lot to look at! Make sure you have some time on hand to scroll through everything =]
I could ramble on and on about wedding tips, DIY tricks, and ways to be inspired.  It is such a limitless topic. The most important thing to always remember is that this is your day. Not your mom's, not Aunt Susan's, not your friends, YOURS.  Stay organized, be inspired, watch your budget, and do it your way =] Cheers!



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