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Mothers Day Blog Post | May 8, 2016



Today is a very special day for mama’s everywhere... HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! 

For me personally, this is my very first Mother’s Day celebrated with my sweet, almost 1 year old, Ellie.  This past year has been an amazing whirlwind and I just wanted to take a moment to stop and reflect on how much has changed in 12 months and what I have learned about life, love, work, and everything in between!

Being a mom EVERYTHING changes!  You are constantly tired.  Always.  And even on the longest days you never feel like you have enough time to get everything done.  When you own your own business that can be tricky, and because of that, stress creeps in fairly easily!

However, those things pale in comparison to the amount of love and pure joy that little human fills your heart with… seriously, it’s insane.  They become your reason for being.  Watching my sweet girl grow in just this past year has been the best thing ever, but it’s made me realize time goes by way too fast!  Stay little forever please!!

Being that Ellie is not quite 1, she isn’t talking or walking yet… but her personality is starting to shine through.  She is HYSTERICAL; she does things purposefully to make you laugh.  She likes to take her time when learning new things, and she will only do them when she is ready… I’m already getting the “don’t rush me mom, I've got this” look (MY mom would call that karma!).  I may be a bit biased, but she is simply amazing! Ugh, I just love her to pieces.



Getting back on track- Here are three things I have learned this year:

1. Time management and prioritizing.  As any mom’s out there know, infants require A LOT of attention, especially from their mama (and even more so if you’re breastfeeding).  They also wake up several times in the night so sleep is basically non-existent. When they’re awake you’re spending time with them and when they’re sleeping you have to decide if you’re going to work, clean, eat, or nap… and let’s be honest, napping usually sounds the best.  It took some serious adjusting to this new routine.  Thankfully now that she’s a bit older, she has regular naps and is sleeping through the night (sort of), so I can better focus my time to get work done when needed!


2. Enthusiasm and excitement.  When you get going in the hustle and bustle of a daily routine, it’s easy to lose sight of all the happiness that surrounds us.  When you look at the world through the eyes of a child, that joy is brought back into focus.  For Ellie, the smallest of things will make her giggle… a funny sound, getting licked by the dogs/chasing the cat, or learning something new such as walking behind her toy.  Her laughter and happiness makes my heart explode.  It also reminds me to enjoy my own accomplishments to their fullest before moving on. I try to do this with each and every photoshoot.



3. Last but not least, living in the present.  A year or two before being pregnant I read a book by Eckhart Tolle called A New Earth- Awaken Your Life’s Purpose (a great read if your needing some uplifting motivation)! This book talks about the importance of living in the present. I began integrating this into my life after reading it and now with my little one I find it more important than ever!  She is not going to be little forever, I won’t be able to rock her to sleep forever, or watch her learn how to walk for the first time forever.  So I soak up those moments and try to make them last as long as possible. This is what I hold near and dear to my heart as a photographer as well… I am preserving very special moments for my clients. A first dance at a wedding for example, only lasts as long as the song. But by looking through images, couples are able to reminisce about that moment and get those newly wed butterflies all over again.




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